6 Ways Disney's 'Frozen' is just like Minot, North Dakota

Do you wanna to build a snowman? Find your 'Frozen' experience in North Dakota this winter!

From clothing design to the setting of the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, Disney’s "Frozen" pulls inspiration from the Nordic culture. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are based on a Danish legend and with one of the largest Scandinavian populations in the country, you can find many “Frozen” elements in North Dakota; more specifically in the charming community of Minot, our very own “Magic City.”

#1. Norwegian Architecture

In Scandinavian Heritage Park, you’ll find a plethora of Norwegian influence. The Gol Stave Church Museum is a full-size replica of the original church built around 1250, now in Bygdoy Park in Oslo. They even have a Norwegian gift shop just like Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post! Yoohoo!

#2. Norwegian Traditions

The Norsk Hostfest is like the entire land of Arendelle came to visit. As the largest Scandinavian celebration in the country, Norsk Hostfest brings in food, dance, music and just about every other element of Norway to Minot every year - including the people! You might even run into a troll or two.

#3. Meet our own Svens!

Could they be distant cousins of silly Sven the reindeer? We like to think so. You can visit Lilly and Rose at Roosevelt Park Zoo!

#4. Northern Lights

The northern lights show up a few times in the “Frozen” series. Although you’ll need to get a few miles outside the city to see them, North Dakota also is one of the best spots to view the northern lights in the U.S.

#5. Minot is also known for being “Magic”

The only snow queen in North Dakota is mother nature, but Minot’s nickname “The Magic City” does come from historical legend. Minot was created in 1886 along the Great Northern Railroad. Legend says the town popped up so fast, it was as if by “magic.”

#6. The cold never bothered us either!

You don’t need to be an ice princess to have fun in the winter in North Dakota! Bring on the ice skating, sledding and plenty of winter events to celebrate the season. Let it go and play in the snow!  

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