Beau Theige: Custom Guitars

“I’m a very proud North Dakotan and my guitars have given me the ability to help raise money for local charities and fundraisers. I have also had the chance to talk with art students at a few North Dakota colleges, as well as give art talks at the galleries. Just because you live on the farm in North Dakota doesn’t mean you can’t do something you enjoy and ship your product all over the world.”

Have you ever heard someone rock out on a cake pan? What about a cookie sheet or a license plate? Well, Beau Theige can take just about anything you find lying around the yard make sweet music. He’s the creator of Beau Theige Custom Guitars. What started an interest in the art of “cigar box guitars” quickly turned into a sought-after skill by musicians all over the world. Now Beau’s guitars can be seen and heard at art galleries across the region.

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