Cross Ranch State Park

Enjoy quiet solitude in woodlands and trails along Missouri River

Cross Ranch State Park is rich in both cultural and natural history. The park, along seven miles of the Missouri River, is purposely left primitive to preserve the land's natural beauty. The River Peoples Visitor Center has displays and information about the mighty Missouri River.

An extensive trail system can be explored either on foot or on cross country skis during the winter months. During the summer, the trails allow access to a 5,000-acre dedicated nature preserve where mixed grass prairie, river bottom forests and woody draws can be seen. Cross country ski and snowshoe rentals are available.


How do you like your lodging? At Cross Ranch, there are several options to choose from. When the weather is nice, you can pitch a tent and camp in the trees under the stars. Or experience lodging the way many Native Americans did in the York Tipi. Three yurts - two in the campground and one accessible by four-mile hike, ski or snowshoeing - offer unique lodging experiences. Finally, there are cozy log cabins that sleep the entire family.


Cross Ranch State Park is the perfect place to get back in touch with nature. The gently flowing Missouri River marks the park's eastern boundary and is a haven for migrating waterfowl and thirsty deer that populate the forested park. The park and nature preserve are home to a wide variety of animal life, and with patience and a keen eye hikers will be rewarded with sightings of deer, wild turkeys, hawks, an occasional bobcat, or, at certain times of the year, a bald eagle.



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