Don't Settle for an Ordinary Vacation

Have a summer to remember by visiting unique North Dakota attractions

Travelers are always looking for reasons to pull over and experience things they just can’t find anywhere else.

They want to be able to tell friends they visited a lake that is fully within one state that has more shoreline than the state of California (What! Get outta town!). They want to tell of pheasants that were bigger than the family truckster and that they walked up and touched them. They want to tell of being caught in a fun traffic jam (Badlands buffalo style), and of actually standing in two countries at one time and not being hassled by border patrol.

They can tell them they did all that in North Dakota.

Lake Sakakawea is backed up by Garrison Dam, creating a 180-mile recreational playground that offers an assortment of fishing, boating, waterskiing, sailing and camping opportunities. State parks, recreational areas and private resorts offer water access and some provide watercraft to make your stay fun and easy.

Travelers on the Enchanted Highway in western North Dakota will be mesmerized by giant birds and fish and people and insects and so on. The highway has the greatest collection of larger-than-life statues in a state that is full of them.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is home to a large free-roaming buffalo herd that at times gathers on or along the wildlife loop road that winds through the park from its entrance in the town of Medora. Buffalo move where and when they want to, so it’s not all that unusual to find your vehicle surrounded by the large animals. There is no better way to get an up close look at the majestic beasts and other wildlife in the park.

Along North Dakota’s northern boundary, where the United States ends and Canada begins, is the 2,000-plus acre International Peace Garden. The grounds – with thousands of flowers, numerous lakes and many attractions – straddle the border, meaning a person can stand in two countries at one time or walk freely back and forth across the border while in the gardens.

So, don’t settle for the typical vacation fare when there are so many things uniquely North Dakota.

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