A Few New Rules for Never-ending Fishing Season in N.D.

New rules will go into effect on April 1, "start" date for new fishing season

By now, most people know that fishing season in North Dakota never ends. But it does have a start and end date, which is a date on which new rules go into effect. That date is April 1, and there area few things anglers need to know about, well, angling, before they hit the water. Here are a couple of changes to keep in mind:

  • The statewide possession limit for bluegill, yellow perch and white bass is now 40 each, down from 80.
  • Sweet Briar Dam and Braun Lake will be open to darkhouse spearfishing this winter, while Larimore Dam and Wood Lake will be closed.
  • Largemouth bass and northern pike length restrictions are eliminated on Red Willow Lake and largemouth bass length restrictions removed on North and South Golden lakes.

These a a few of the new rules taking effect April 1. Click here for a complete list from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.