Filming in North Dakota - Permits and Regulations


No general permit is offered or required to film in North Dakota. The Division of Tourism of the North Dakota Department of Commerce can assist with permitting questions.

While the Department of Commerce does not issue permits ourselves, our relationships and contacts with destinations across the state can help determine what kind of location agreements are needed for your project. Permits are required in some areas such as National Park sites and Indian Reservations.

American Indian Reservations

One of North Dakota’s best resources is a rich cultural connection to Native American people and places. Reservations are full of authentic filming locations and talent. For more information, visit

National Parks

Special permits are required to film in any of the three units of The Theodore Roosevelt National Park as well as in the states two National Historic Sites, Knife River National Historic Site and Fort Union National Historic Site. Certain restrictions are also in place for use of drones and other filmmaking equipment in National Parks.

Filming at the North Dakota State Capitol

The North Dakota State Capitol is open to the public and does not have any restrictions on filming or photography. If someone is filming in sensitive areas such as around critical infrastructure or the governor’s residence they can probably expect a visit from a security officer to determine their intentions. Facility management may require a use permit for certain activities on the capitol grounds. For more details, contact facility management at:

UAV/Drone Usage - North Dakota follows federal guidelines for the usage of drones, please visit: