March 5, 2015 North Dakota Tourism E-Newsletter

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March 5, 2015 Newsletter

Crossover Legislative Update
Travel Industry Conference April 20-22
Literature Rack Program Materials Needed
Brochure Program Changes
Internationally Speaking
ABA Top 100 Nominations Needed
Think Tourism Webinar
Tap the Multigenerational Market

Tourism Campaign Lauded
Travel Promotion Act Anniversary

Crossover Legislative Update


North Dakota Capitol
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North Dakota Capitol Grounds in Bismarck
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North Dakota Tourism/Amy Taborsky
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HB 1018: The House approved Commerce’s appropriation bill by a vote of 79-13 as amended by the Appropriations Committee. This includes the Governor’s recommended increases for tourism: $1 million in one-time funding to be used for expanded regional marketing; $750,000 in continued one-time funding for major tourism infrastructure grants; and $247,000 in ongoing funding for international marketing. Other one-time funding increases included in the Commerce budget:

  • 2,718,620 for the UAS Test Site
  • $4 million for Research North Dakota
  • $1.876 million for Childcare Facility Grants
  • $1 million for Workforce Enhancement Grants
  • $1.5 million for Base Retention Grants
  • $2 million for Tribal College Grants
  • $1 million for Entrepreneurial Centers and Vouchers
  • $1 million for Homeless Shelter Grants

   The bill will be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 19 at 8:30 a.m. in the Harvest Room.

SB 2019: The Parks and Recreation Department appropriation includes a one-time appropriation of $30.4 million for capital improvements at state parks. The bill was amended by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to reduce the funding for capital improvements at state parks to $22.4 million, removing plans for the new day park on the Missouri River in Bismarck. A $250,000 appropriation was included for demolition of the Peace Tower at the International Peace Garden.

SB 2018: The Historical Society appropriation budget highlights as passed in the Senate:

  • Maintains four of the six positions from the Governor’s recommended budget
  • Provides $1 million from the general fund for Phase 2 repairs at Ft. Totten and renovations at Stutsman County Courthouse
  • Provides $3.5 million one-time funding for Double Ditch to repair slumping and stop erosion.
  • Provides $172,800 ongoing and $264,000 one-time funding to begin implementation of the electronic records archiving project
  • Provides $200,000 to publicize statewide historical events and pay for expenses like speakers, short film series and booth display banner
  • Provides $300,000 for temporary and traveling exhibits in the Governor's Gallery and exhibits at historic sites
  • Provides $100,000 to convert 4 fourth grade history curriculum to online. Funding is provided as ongoing in order to maintain and update  fourth grade, eighth grade and the Governing ND curriculum and publications.
  • Added $135,000 for the Welk Homestead operations.
  • Added $50,000 for a Native American monument at Whitestone Hill

SB 2339: Provides a property tax exemption for farm buildings used in agritourism activities. SB 2339 was amended by the Senate Agriculture Committee to require the owner of the farm building to be registered with the Tourism Division as an agritourism operator in order to qualify for the exemption. The bill passed the Senate in a 25-22 vote. 

Travel Industry Conference April 20-22

The Travel Industry Conference is fast approaching. Don’t let another year pass by without recognizing the person, organization and event who’ve been impactful in North Dakota’s travel industry.

Did you know scholarships are available to cover the registration costs of the Travel Industry Conference? It’s a four-question application, due by April 1.

Literature Rack Program Materials Needed

The March 13 deadline for having your Literature Rack Program materials to Presort is quickly approaching. All cases should be delivered to Presort Plus, 2355 Vermont Ave., Bismarck, N.D., 58504. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Backhaus at or 701-328-2526.

Brochure Program Changes

North Dakota Tourism recently changed its online lead collection and fulfillment, which has created changes for the online partner brochure program with One Fulfillment. At the beginning of 2015, switched from taking users directly off the site (to to an on-site form to order North Dakota Tourism travel brochures, i.e. Travel Guide, map and Hunting and Fishing Guide. The purpose of the change was to internally manage lead collection and have greater control over data, improve accuracy in data collection and reports and future re-marketing efforts. However, links to One Fulfillment for partner brochures have been increased. Since the change, decreases in ordering of partner brochures has been documented and additional steps are being taken to improve the system. An email was sent to industry members participating in the One Fulfillment program. Those who have questions about the current program, or are interested in opportunities to get brochures into the hands of more interested travelers, please contact Tricia Miller at

Internationally Speaking

It's international travel show season, time to play Where's Fredo. Actually Tourism International Marketing Manager Fred Walker has been most of the way around the world recently selling North Dakota as a travel destination. In February and March, Walker has experienced:

  • 4 countries
  • 5 currencies
  • 4 exchange rates
  • 6 time zones
  • 3 continents
  • 4 languages
  • 14 flights – 30,000 miles flown, 59 hours in the air
  • 3 train rides
  • 3 climate types (snow, rain, excessive heat)
  • 1 earthquake
  • 1 missed Valentines Day

All in the name of selling North Dakota to potential travelers. 

ABA Top 100 Nominations Needed

Do you have the next American Bus Association’s Top 100 Event in North America? Nominate the best events for group travel for  the prestigious 2016 Top 100 Events in North America list. The nomination process is easy, free and completely online. North Dakota’s Top 100 Events for 2015, are Big Iron Farm Show, West Fargo, and Norsk Høstfest, Minot. Please send your nominations to: or call 701-328-2502. Click here for more information.

Think Tourism Webinar

Join the North Dakota League of Cities for a free tourism webinar presented by North Dakota Tourism Marketing Director Heather LeMoine March 12 at 10 a.m. Learn how to use your city’s best assets as leverage to attract tourists. Even a seemingly small benefit can mean big dollars brought into your city. We’ll look at the importance of tourism and the resources available to you from the North Dakota Tourism Division. Click here to register. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar after registration.

Tap the Multigenerational Market

Forty percent of all active leisure travelers have taken at least one multigenerational trip in the past year, according to Preferred Hotel Group. Click here to find out more.

Tourism Campaign Lauded

Odney Agency's North Dakota Tourism marketing campaign received 12 awards, most notably the Best of Show for the print campaign, at the recent American Advertising Federation of North Dakota's annual Addy Awards. The entire list of winners can be found here. Find the Good Life also received a handful of awards. Congratulations to Odney and all those who worked on the campaign.

Travel Promotion Act Anniversary

Five years ago, the Travel Promotion Act was signed into law, establishing the Corporation for Travel Promotion. And with the support of Brand USA partners, what an incredible journey it has been. Click here for more.