Mural Artist Melissa Gordon

“Art is for everyone, and I especially think murals and things like this out in the public that people can enjoy on their own are very important to building successful communities ... Anything is a canvas, you just have to have the right primer.”

From the goddesses stretched alongside Fourth Street to the portrait of Sitting Bull standing strong in Art Alley, Melissa Gordon is helping to bring artistic life to downtown Bismarck. She’s a local painter who started her larger-than-life painting back in her college days when billboards were painted by hand. Today, this unique skillset has helped her work stand out during a digital age. He work brings art to anyone who wants to experience it at any time.


Here are the addresses to some of her most popular pieces:

Goddesses of Beauty at Glance Studio
407 N. 14th St.
Bismarck ND

Sitting Bull at Art Alley
117 N. Fifth St.
Bismarck ND

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