North Dakota Culture at the Table

The North Dakota favorites remind us of celebrations growing up

You know it’s the holiday season when you see varenyky (cheese buttons), lefse, kuchen, pfeffernüsse, springerle cookies and krumkake on the table. These North Dakota favorites remind us of celebrations growing up and can be found locally without doing all the work. To bring these items to your table this holiday season, try Freddy’s Lefse in Fargo, the Ukrainian Cultural Institute in Dickinson, Magic Morsels in Minot or Patisserie on Fourth in Bismarck. Enjoy your traditional Christmas.

Old Country Cuisine

You have guests in town and they want to experience some German cuisines, where do you take them in North Dakota?  Here are few places that provide some of the German favorites. Four Corners Cafe in Belfield serves cheese buttons, Kroll’s Diner in Bismarck and Fargo has knoephla soup and fried dough and you can find fleischkuechle at Frieds Family Restaurant in Mandan. South-central North Dakota boasts a strong German culture, complete with outstanding food. The Hague Cafe in Hague serves Germans-from-Russia fare - like creamed chicken, cheese buttons and pumpkin blachenda - daily.

Dining “Scandinavian” style

There are places around North Dakota that offer a taste of our Scandinavian heritage. For the traditional lutefisk and lefse, the new Northside Cafe in Grand Forks has it on its menu.