Partner Brochure Distribution

North Dakota has partnered with One Fulfillment, LLC to oversee the mailing of the participant brochures and provide the mailing envelopes and postal boxes. One Fulfillment has formed a strategic alliance with one of the oldest and most successful fulfillment houses in our region. Brochures are warehoused and staged in their state-of-the-art facility and the packages are assembled, weighed, inspected, sorted and placed into the postal stream using the latest CASS-certified postal software. 

One Fulfillment handles all the work associated with recruiting participating brochure providers into the program, monitoring inventory, invoicing and providing monthly reports. 

Partners have 7 kits to place their brochures into; East, West, Central, Golf, Birding, Scenic/Outdoor and Regional Hunting &Fishing. 

For more information or to sign up for brochure distribution through One Fulfillment, please contact Tammy Backhaus at or 701-328-2526.