Walleye fishing is big year-round in North Dakota
Walleye fishing is big year-round in North Dakota

Something's Fishy in North Dakota

The never-ending fishing season in North Dakota heats up when it cools down

Fishing in North Dakota is seasonal. There's open-water season and ice fishing season. Between them, there are no opening or closing dates in North Dakota - save for paddlefish at the confluence. In nicer falls, people coming home to be with friends for the holidays can still get on open water. When winter arrives early, they can break out the auger and head for the ice. Fishing in North Dakota is as diverse as the anglers on the (frozen) water. Its offerings range from the popular walleye to northern pike to perch and bass or salmon. There are trout in Lake Sakakawea and big ol' catfish in the Red River.

Whatever your choice of fight, North Dakota has the battle for you, whether you're long-lining on the big lake, casting crankbaits from a lake shore or dropping a line through the ice. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has all of the information you need to get started. Click here for some of the state's most proven fishing spots.

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