Hottest Ice Fishing in North Dakota

Where is the best place to ice fish in North Dakota? Well, that's a loaded question. There really is no best place, but there are a few places better than most of the rest. Check out these hot spots.

Devils Lake

Devils Lake is famous for abundant jumbo yellow perch as well as quality northern pike, walleye and white bass in the winter

Lake Metigoshe

The main reasons to add Lake Meitgoshe to your list in the winter are monster bluegills and quality crappie


Logan/McIntosh county near Lehr is home to dozens of glacial lakes that are fantastic for ice fishing.

Lake Sakakawea

Overall walleye abundance is the highest documented in the last 45 years due to several strong year-classes in recent years.

Lake Darling

Lake Darling is home to strong northern pike, walleye and yellow perch populations.

Lake Audubon

Audubon has easy access being adjacent to Highway 83.

Robinson Area

Helen Lake north of Tuttle is an excellent pike fishery.

Valley City Area

Moon and St. Mary’s lakes have abundant walleye and perch populations.

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