• Birding in North Dakota
  • Wildlife: Honorable Mention - "Ascension," Tom Wirtz, Bismarck
  • Birdwatching
  • Birders on the hunt
  • Birding a relaxing activity
  • Audubon National Wildlife Refuge
  • Wildlife: Winner - "Blue Jay," Tom Wirtz, Bismarck
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Fall at the overlook at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve
  • Geese in Flight


North Dakota's location on the Northern Plains makes it a gathering place for hundreds of bird species. The Central Flyway through central and eastern North Dakota is like an interstate for migrating waterfowl making their way to and from breeding grounds in the spring and fall. Many simply stay put when reaching our many lakes and rivers. Four distinct seasons and many different habitats attract other smaller and sometimes rare species. Click here for more about Birding in North Dakota or click here for Birding experiences.

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