Bumps, Bruises and Sledding Memories at Christmas

Christmas morning came and so did new sleds for the kids! We knew we would have to give them a test run at some point. Luckily we are great northerners and take all of our outside gear on our winter travels! So that afternoon we loaded up the two vehicles needed to haul the cargo – kids, sleds and grown-up kids at heart. We were lucky enough to have two other sleds along so more could test the hills of Fargo, North Dakota. During the drive to north Fargo, the windows were rolled down to keep us all from melting like snowmen, but we were immune to the weird looks from other motorists.

Once we arrived at Edgewood Golf Course, we parked and set out to find the hill. Our 10-year-old son was the first to try his sled. I am not sure he even made it to the official sledding hill but  he got the result he was hoping for – rocketing past the distances gained by the other sledders on the hill!

Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, auntie, older sister, 10-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl hit the hill with a flurry. Rocketing down the hill over man-made jumps, over the bank and onto the ice with a bump. We must have been having a good time as 20 minutes after we arrived, the others left. So the hill was ours!!! We moved to a better spot with longer runs and an easier walk back to the top. 

Then the competition began. Now that we had the run of the place, we threw caution to the wind and went for distance. Grandma, auntie, mom, dad, big and little sister all made huge runs but no flew like the 10-year-old boy! His running start and lack of fear made him the distance champion.

The time went by so fast during our family fun time on the sledding hill that we almost stayed too long and missed another family Christmas celebration.

It will be a family memory that will take a long time to forget! The bumps and bruises may be gone but the memories are not!