Great spaces and skies

Northern Lights by Lyndon Anderson

Space tourism is in the national news today, as Virgin Records owner Richard Branson has revealed his own private spaceship.  While we at North Dakota Tourism definitely don't have a space shuttle for visitors, we do offer some awesome spaces and skies.  An agriculturally-rich state, North Dakota offers rolling prairies, vast vistas and unexpected Badlands, buttes and hills.  Visitors often remark that they found peacefulness here and were able to breathe-easy and enjoy themselves and the scenery.

While North Dakota is known for all the riches found on the land, the skies above offer their unique bounty.  Here you can see the galaxy above, uncluttered from light or air pollution.  When the elusive Northern Lights make their appearance in the night skies, visitors and residents alike are in for a real treat.  Space tourism can be found in North Dakota, with your feet planted firmly on the ground.