It's a sweet time of year!

Everywhere you turn this time of year, stores, offices and schools are filled with sweet reminders that Halloween is just around the corner.  This has also been sugar-beet harvest time in North Dakota (and nearby states).

We had a little fun today at North Dakota Tourism - bringing a recently harvested sugar beet into the office for a photo shoot and some free samples!  (comparisons were made this morning to rutabaga, potato, and traditional beets - but definitely with a sweet flavor.)  Our beet has been nicknamed "Beatrice" and here you can get an idea of a sugar beet size, color and texture.

More than 500-million tons of beets are harvested in North Dakota each year, contributing to over $1 billion in economic activity.  60% of the U.S.'s sugar production comes from beets, with the rest provided by cane.  As you would expect, it's used largely in candy bars, cookies, breads, snack crackers, yogurt, cereals, soft drinks and much more.