Jean Baptiste Charbonneau - the youngest member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

On February 11, 1805, Captain Meriwether Lewis wrote: " ... about five oclock this evening one of the wives of Charbono was delivered of a fine boy."  This was the first journal entry of the infant, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, who would become the youngest member of the Corp of Discovery.  Charbonneau traveled from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean and back as an infant, carried along in the expedition's boats or upon his mother's back.

Charbonneau's image can be found on the Sakakawea dollar.  He is the only child ever depicted on U.S. currency.

The majesty of the Lewis & Clark Expedition can be discovered in North Dakota, at Fort Mandan and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center - along with many other historical sites along the Lewis & Clark Trail in ND.