No downside to fall in North Dakota

Some people may argue, but fall is the best time of year. The only downside to fall in North Dakota is … well, there is not a downside really. Days are warm, nights are cool and the foliage is amazing. It’s important that we enjoy every minute of this colorful time of year.

A mosaic of reds and yellows and purples and green spreads as far as the eye … WAIT … Green? Yes, green. You know, the color of the University of North Dakota and North Dakota University.

While the trees are shedding their leaves, the state’s two NCAA I athletic teams are shredding opponents. Five-time defending FCS national champion NDSU continues to be the talk of college football and defending NCAA national hockey champion UND drops the puck for the first time in defense of its title.

Tailgating and homecoming are college football traditions, and both are alive and well here. Take advantage of the nice weather and homecoming events to get together with friends and family. NDSU caps its homecoming week events Oct. 1 with a game against Illinois State, while UND celebrates a milestone – the 100th anniversary of its first homecoming in 1916 – with a game against Southern Utah on Oct. 15. While you’re in town for that, try to score some tickets for UND’s hockey game that night against RPI in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Game at the Ralph.

These events, combined with amazing foliage, brilliant sunrises and sunsets, great places to stay and an array of unique shopping at dining, are a few reasons why you should get back to North Dakota. Even if your friends and neighbors are green, too … with envy.