Outdoor theater makes for great family time

My family loves outdoor theater and local musicals have become part of our summertime tradition, including a recent trip to see Shrek at Sleepy Hollow Theatre & Arts Park in Bismarck. Shrek was delightful, funny and perfectly paced. And you know it's been a great experience when your kids are asking to take pictures with the performers the moment the show's done. 

We've been taking our girls to performances since they were infants. (Always expecting them to fall asleep, but they never did.) These experiences have just been part of our family time. So I was recently interested to learn that exposing your children to live theater at early ages has significant benefits. Not only do they develop an appreciation for the arts, but neuroscientists have found that stimulating the creative and visual center in the right brain leads to increased performance in academics, memory and concentration.

That's such a mom-thing to write. :)


For my girls, these shows are all about the entertainment, the opportunity to stay up past their bedtime, have snacks and laugh at how Shrek farts! For my husband and me, our girls are growing all-too-fast, but at these shows, they still snuggle under blankets and ask to sit on laps.

Our family favorites include Sleepy Hollow and the magnificent Medora Musical - we go every year. Other notable outdoor summer theaters in North Dakota includes Trollwood Performing Arts School in Fargo-Moorhead and the Frost Fire Summer Theatre near Walhalla.

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