Fargo-Based Virtual Reality Firm Partners with Western North Dakota's Enchanted Highway to Reach International Audience through American Road Magazine

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Fargo,  N.D. – Fargo based virtual reality firm Be More Colorful has teamed up with Western North Dakota's internationally recognized Enchanted Highway to present the world's largest scrap metal sculpture collection to an international audience through the quarterly publication, American Road Magazine.

For nearly 30 years, Gary Greff’s larger than life sculptures have made the Enchanted Highway a must visit destination in Western North Dakota, keeping his small town of Regent, ND on the map. When Gary and Be More Colorful CEO, Matt Chaussee first met in 2016, they immediately saw an opportunity to work together.

“I grew up in Bismarck, ND but had never experienced The Enchanted Highway in person,” Matt Chaussee said.  “After meeting Gary and learning more about his story, we knew it had to be a top priority for our family's road trip agenda. Being a co-founder of a virtual reality agency, I was naturally compelled to capture the journey in 360°."

When asked how it felt to have a North Dakota start-up company reach out and offer to capture his life's work in 360°, Gary Greff responded, "Having Be More Colorful offer to help promote the Enchanted Highway in 360° was like a little miracle had come to the project. A company from the other side of the state believing in my project reaffirmed to me the value that has been created through all the effort, time and funds involved in constructing the Enchanted Highway."

American Road Magazine, an international publication focused on showcasing attractions along America's highways and by-ways has taken notice of Be More Colorful's 360°/VR work, and in particular their unique partnership with the Enchanted Highway. Becky Repp, General Manager for American Road Magazine said, "Our sales team first met the crew from Be More Colorful while exhibiting at a recent tourism conference and there was immediate chemistry. Be More Colorful's values and passion for promoting unique and interesting spaces align directly with how American Road Magazine has been connecting with our international audience for over 16 years. We've featured the Enchanted Highway in the past and we're excited to be able to follow-up with our audience to engage them with these fantastic 360° scenes."

Both American Road Magazine and Be More Colorful view this collaboration as the beginning of a strategic relationship that will assist American Road's readers by providing interactive 360° experiences to help guide their journeys across the United States. Be More Colorful will immediately benefit through international recognition of its work. The companies will be seeking ongoing opportunities to collaborate and produce 360° content for other roadside attractions across the US. "The fact that we've been able to establish this relationship through a project like the Enchanted Highway is very fulfilling. Using 360° imagery to connect one of North Dakota's most amazing pieces of Americana to one of the US's most forward thinking travel guides is amazing to me," Matt Chaussee (Be More Colorful) said.  Becky Repp (American Road) added, "We're eager to continue developing this partnership and provide our readers with immersive experiences designed to give them a taste of what its like to be there in person.  We're excited to be on this forefront, creating an alignment between traditional printed media and the types of interactive media experiences Be More Colorful provides."

Be More Colorful's 360° virtual tour of the Enchanted Highway along with a pdf itinerary enhanced with links to each 360° scene will be featured on American Road's website and its social media channels from January through March of 2019. Visit https://www.americanroadmagazine.com/itineraries/enchanted-highway/ to explore this project and learn more.