North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week celebrates state’s third-largest industry

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Travel benefits economy, health, relationships and workplace productivity

Bismarck, N.D. – Travel increases general well being, contributes to greater productivity in the workplace and enhances relationships, according to studies gathered by the U.S. Travel Association. In addition, tourism is good for the economy. The travel and tourism industry fuels jobs, drives spending and has a major impact on the economy.

To celebrate North Dakota’s third largest industry and kick off the summer travel season, Gov. Jack Dalrymple has declared May 3-11 as “North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week.” In addition, this designated week will highlight North Dakota’s 125th anniversary of statehood by promoting the upcoming commemorative events and inspiring residents to celebrate this special time.

“North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week” is held in conjunction with National Travel and Tourism Week, an annual national salute to the tourism and travel industry that highlights the industry’s benefits and importance to communities and Americans.

“Travel and Tourism Week is an opportunity to encourage both North Dakotans and visitors to explore the great things to see and do here,” said Gov. Dalrymple. “It’s also a great time to celebrate an industry that has a significant impact on North Dakota. Tourism continues to be one of the state’s leading industries, contributing $5 billion to the state’s economy.”

“Travel is good for the soul and the economy,” North Dakota Tourism Division Director Sara Otte Coleman said. “In North Dakota, one out of 12 jobs is tied to tourism. Many people are committed to promoting and preserving our rich culture, wide-ranging events and beautiful scenery. Plus, travel has positive health benefits, stimulates students’ curiosity inside and outside the classroom, and is a time for families to reconnect outside of their busy lives.”

Research shows vacationing is a restorative behavior with positive effects on health. The most important benefit is stress reduction. Travel benefits the workplace, too. According to human resource professionals, employees who take most or all of their vacation time are happier and more productive than those who don’t.

“Research clearly demonstrates the importance of travel. So, make it a point to escape your daily life and explore North Dakota this summer,” Otte Coleman says.” This year is even more special and exciting as we celebrate North Dakota’s 125th anniversary of statehood. Celebrate at the August signature event, or celebrate in your own style by discovering the events and attractions that are uniquely North Dakota.”

To commemorate the 125th anniversary, North Dakota Tourism has developed a list of 125 ways for residents and visitors alike to LuvND and experience all North Dakota has to offer. Adventures and experiences featured on the list range from arts, food, fun, history and outdoors. The complete list can be found at

Facts about North Dakota’s Tourism Industry:

  • Travel and tourism is a $5 billion industry in North Dakota. (NDSU)  
  • 17.2 million people visited North Dakota in 2011. (IHS)
  • North Dakota travel generated $310 million in taxes. (IHS)
  • Without tourism, each North Dakota household would pay an additional $943 in taxes. (HIS)
  • Advertising North Dakota is a 1:9 return to the state’s tax base. (Longwoods)
  • One out of every 12 North Dakota workers owes their job to tourism. (IHS)
  • Leisure travel continues to be the largest travel segment. (IHS)
  • 60 percent of visitors are non-resident travelers. (IHS)
  • Approximately $585 million in wages and salaries are generated through North Dakota tourism. (IHS)

Vacation’s impact on the workplace

Source: Society for Human Resource Management

  • 75 percent of survey respondents report that employees who take most or all of their vacation days perform better compared with employees who take less vacation.
  • 77 percent of talent leaders believe that employees who use their vacation time are more productive than those who do not.
  • Taking advantage of available vacation time improves employee job satisfaction, according to 78% of human resource managers.

Travel brings families closer together

Source: U.S. Travel Association’s Family Vacation Survey

  • Going on a family vacation, kids say, ranks higher than all other activities in their minds. More than 90 percent of kids ages 8-18 see family travel as a chance to spend quality time with their parents.
  • With busy family schedules crammed full of activities, a solid majority of parents (53 percent) reported that “family vacations are one of the few things that families do together.”
  • 76 percent of parents believe that family vacations are worth the time and money because they “give my child experiences that they will remember years down the road.”

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As one of North Dakota’s leading industries, tourism attracts visitors to more than 640 attractions, 357 events and festivals, and 800 accommodations. In addition, more than 38,000 jobs in North Dakota are attributed to this robust industry.