Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Any season is a good season to enjoy the scenic wonders of North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park has many of the amenities found in more popular parks like Yellowstone, Glacier and Great Smokey Mountains - with a couple of glaring exceptions: long lines and frustrated guests. We're not saying not to visit other parks, we're inviting you to stop here for a little rest and relaxation to or from some of the other parks. Here, you will find great scenery, unique wildlife, relaxing auto tours and quiet areas to hike or have a picnic dinner. And you won't have to wait hours to get where you want to be. So do yourself and your family a favor, make Theodore Roosevelt National Park one of your stops on your tour of America's national parks. 

Exploring North Dakota's Crowned Jewel with Josh Duhamel

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the most beautiful places in North Dakota. With herds of buffalo, majestic wild horses and a landscape that will take your breath away, no wonder this is one of Josh Duhamel's favorite place in his home state.