North Dakota Be Legendary

Research guided our initial brand, recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness found in North Dakota’s stories and legends. These chapters of our state's history reveal a diverse tale from the first people who lived off the land, to adventurous explorers who studied it, to the immigrant settlers who persevered and built a life here.  

Every year, visitors, job seekers, and new citizens come to our state and discover what North Dakotans have always known — that this is a place to make a great life and a big difference. North Dakota is a state where you can BE LEGENDARY .

LOGO DESIGN - black, reversed and harvest orange

The North Dakota Be Legendary logo has been designed as an integral part of the visual identity for the state of North Dakota. The look and feel of the logo imagery for the state communicates an open, progressive and modern feel. It anchors communications and over time will symbolize the meaning people associate with the North Dakota experience.  The North Dakota logo consists of two elements.  The state logotype and the tagline.  The stacked configuration with the tagline is the preferred configuration.  The relationship of these elements should not be modified.

North Dakota Be Legendary is trademarked.  Follow the basic guidelines below when using the logo:

  • Only the colors specified here are allowed
  • Never change the typefaces within the logo
  • Never compromise the legibility of the logo
  • When printing the logo on dark backgrounds or over photography, use the reverse logo



To reinforce the brand across all communications and interactions, state agencies will identify within the North Dakota Be Legendary brand architecture, as well. These logos include the stacked logo with a vertical bar and department name to the right. Note that with this update we have dropped “Department of” in the logo. Black, reverse and harvest orange versions are available. Some examples follow.


If you have questions or have a unique situation where the Be Legendary tagline doesn’t work, contact for guidance.


The State of North Dakota encourages organizations and state agencies that have a role in promoting North Dakota to use the North Dakota Be Legendary logo.  Please fill out the request form and the logo can be sent to you.  If you are a state agency requesting your specific agency logo mockup, please note that on the request.

Please contact for any questions.