• The Empire Arts Theater in Grand Forks
  • Burning Hills Amphitheatre
  • Frost Fire Summer Theatre
  • Medora Musical
  • Frost Fire Summer Theatre
  • Communities and Events: Winner - "Musical," Brian Heskin, Minot
  • Performance at The Arts Center in Jamestown, ND
  • The Opera House in New Rockford
  • Bluestem Amphitheater in Moorhead

Performing Theaters

Not all theater productions are on Broadway. In fact, there are more plays off off Broadway, in places like Sleepy Hollow in Bismarck, Burning Hills Amphitheatre and the Medora Musical in Medora, Frost Fire Summer Theatre near Walhalla and Memorial Park in Grand Rapids. Summer theaters and local performing artists strut their stuff to audiences at intimate venues all around the state. In many, the location of the performance is as unique as the performance itself.